Tosai selection: Changed my mind on these tosai

There are a few tosai from the August 16 spawning that I've changed my mind on.... that I had decided to let go, but will now be growing on to nissai. When we went through the tank of tosai to move on the other week, these few were just too good to let go at tosai, and we've moved them into the females tank to grow on for a few months.

I didn't get measurements.. I'd estimate they are at around 30cm.

ok.. I can't understand why I missed this one the first time around. quality of the red on the first pattern marking is at the top end of what we get from that parent set. I think my original decision must have been based around the strength of the second pattern element - at the back end. it's a little weaker, and I guess that lack of consistency in the red is a development risk. Looking at it now, I have a feeling this fish could go onto great things....

Just too pretty to let go at tosai. the thickness of the red is my development risk. but will give this one more growing stint to see what happens.

Also, these two.... skin too good to let these go at tosai. And, 'tiger stripes' (the one on the left), is gaining some fans in the Byer household. white nose, white peduncle, decent body shape - need to give this one a little longer.