Tonight at 8pm, our weekly online release! Includes the first doitsu metallics from our new breedings lines.

Tonight's release includes some of the best koi from 4th selection on the new doitsu metallics lines we purchased from Marusaka and Ikarashi Ozumi, which we offer ahead of 5th selection due in the next 2 weeks.  Tonights Doitsu Metallics offer a koi larger koi for the price point than normal - which also correspond to their size within the spawning In short.... if you want a doitsu metallic with great growth potential....  have a good look at the £75 bowl!, and the larger ones in the £50 bowl. Some have knock out lustre too, and they are certainly worth a good look!    You will also spot a lovely 4 step Kohaku, and a wide range of others which we hope you enjoy perusing through.

Amanda's been busy this afternoon, making her selections from our Marudo go-sanke, and Shinoda Hi Utsuri tosai.  Her picks are being included in tonight's release too :-)

From 8pm tonight, you can view all the new koi on our individual premium koi for sale page, here:

The link sorts the newest koi at the top, for your convenience.

We are also providing preview bowls ahead of the release, which you can see below:



 £50 - Japanese Koi