thinking about bringing forward the kohaku fry harvest

Weather's getting colder, and the fry pond is taking up time to manage the duck week. The fry are well over first selection size so, thinking about pulling the kohaku fry out sooner rather than later. I've seen a heron loitering around the pond too, which is giving me the shivers.

I'm also keen to get selecting on them - and looking forward to insights on the variation between this kohaku spawning and the first one from 2014; same female, but different males.

This evening, we tackled the duck week. One more week, and most of the pond would be covered with the stuff

And, a few pictures from my main keepers tank. They're growing nicely, and you can pick out a few of the koi I've profiled on the blog. Check out the tancho in the middle of the 3rd picture below - it's holding up nicely; not the largest, but the skin and colour quality are looking good.