the vortex tank's turning out to be a little treasure chest

So many to go through in the vortex tank, and whittling them down slowly whenever I get a chance. Inspection bowls sits ready and waiting next to the tank - one to collect the keepers, and the other to collect the koi that don't make the cut.

Here are some that made it through this evening - all around the 3 inch mark

I've ended up with several tancho. last year, I discarded (ie moved them on) them all without realising it. so the fact I have a few this year means I'm getting better at spotting them. The tancho mark on this one encroaches a litte on the shoulder, but well within the 2 scales depth that's tolerated in the UK. the big question is - the red that comes forward long the nose - will it pull back as the koi grows?

Do you remember the little kohaku I found a week or two ago, with small hi markings and the one on the head looked like a question mark? The red looked a little thin, and the sashi and kiwa rough - but now, all those features are firming up. This one is similar - it's got an intricate wavey pattern, and the sashi and kiwa look like a development risk right now. Let's see how this one look in a few weeks.