The smaller keepers are coming on nicely.

... and found a few nice ones that are now large enough to join the main keeper grow on tank.

ok, well this may be no show winner - but I bet no one else has one like it. So, I'm keeping it :-) It is getting quite a lot of attention from some of our friends.

These are around the 2 to 3 inch mark, and the koi in my main keepers tank are around the 5 inch mark. So short of time right now... but must get onto 3rd selection for the main keeper tank soon. They're getting big and there are lots that will not make the next cut and are just taking up tank space and eating my food!

We had a cage net of 1 inchers that were the very last ones I went through at first selection and to be honest, I went through them pretty fast. They've been fed only sparingly, and they're more like 1.5 inches now - with some looking pretty good. So Amanda went through them today and the better ones are going into the vortex tank where they'll be well fed and away from larger fish which will hopefully give them a fighting chance.