The polytunnel takes shape

We had an inch of rain last Friday which brought the build to a halt. This week started with cold and dry conditions, and work has restarted on the build. Some slightly dodgy hats like these were needed to combat the chilly temps:

Lee Burroughs and John working on the frame

On the koi front, some good news. I paused water changes on the coldest days last weekend, and ammonia is reducing - which means the biological filter bacteria are coming back on line. Here is the seneye screenshot, which shows the trend:

The guys finished concreting the polytunnel feet last week, and today came the glory - erecting the frame. Here are a few shots taken through the day.

Polytunnel feet in the gound, ready for the frame

Frame neatly laid out; the anticipation builds

Some final levelling and ground work

Cross pieces are up!

Next, the supporting framework is added

Some neat footwork by the guys

Mark Davis checks the progress

And finally, a teaser for the pond digging. Mark's getting there and the first fry pond is taking shape

Amanda and Jet at out our first fry pond. We've called it "Horse shoe pond", after the horse shoe Mark found on the pond base.