Success with the Kohaku spawning; still waiting on the sanke's

The Kohaku's spawned this morning, and it looks like there are a decent proportion of fertilised eggs. I've taken half of the spawning ropes and put them into another vat with fresh water so I have all my eggs in two baskets...and I've added malachite green to the vats with eggs to help reduce fungal growth.

Post spawning - the plat style worked ok for the spawning but was a right pain to dismantle when it came to moving some of the brushes into another pond.

The sanke spawning is taking much longer. There is some pre spawning type swimming happening this evening so fingers crossed they also do the business over night.

Come on.... I'm waiting! Here you can see the boys following the female around. She just needs to pick her spot and chose the right moment.

Still many challenges left before I have 1 inch long fish, - everything from the spawning through to 1 inch long fish is new for me.

For the kohaku's, the hatchlings should be ready next weekend for me to introduce them to their fry pond. They'll be going into Chestnut pond, and there lies my next challenge.