Success at the Crouch Valley Koi Show!

Great news from the recent Crouch Valley Koi Show with 3 customers winning awards with Adam Byer Koi.

Mike Thompson came 1st in size 2 tancho and also 2nd in size 2 kohaku .... pipped only by the kohaku that went on to win baby champ. Once again, our koi are there or thereabouts in the running for major awards ...

Also , Dave Thompson won 3rd places in kohaku size 1, 2 and 3!

And ... another award for one of our Ogons. This is the second show where our Ogon line has become award winning and congratulations to Steve and Angie Watson who won with the ‘Shooting Star’ they bought from us at our event last winter ... They picked really well at the event and have grown this Ogon fabulously and developed its quality to win their show award !

So a great set of results all round - both in terms of volume and spread of awards and also being so close to baby champ once again.

In the case of all the prizes won - these were koi purchased as small koi a year earlier. Mike and Dave bought some small kohaku tosai last year, and have been developing them over time to bring them up to speed for the show. And, with Steve and Angie Watson , it was a similar story with their 'shooting star' - again, buying autumn last year and exhibiting after growing it from 5 inch to around 12-14 inch, and retaining/improving quality.

Thank you to our customers for doing a great job with their Adam Byer Koi!