starting to feel like a winter grow on project

here are a few more pics from the main keepers - the last ones I have from the recent netting.

hoping for the red to pull back from the tail on this one

Difficult to know how to talk about this one... the one in the middle. The quality of the red and the white is up there - probably in the top 5 just on colour potential. pattern wise - it's a bit unbalanced from front half to rear half which is not going to change, and will limit this fish. But, what interests me massively is the pattern on the front half. I've been watching the break in the hi on the should area expand to create the convoluted pattern and I'm interested to see how this develops as the fish grows over the winter.

One of the longest fish, and also with hi that looks like it will develop better than most of the rest. The hi runs into the tail which is a limiting factor, but you never know - it might pull back. I guess the other thing I'd like on this one is for the single hi plate to break in one or two places. there's a hint of a break developing just behind the leading ray of the dorsal - and on the right hand side as you look at the photo. But, I'm not sure whether that will be enough.