Sneaky peak at a few of the nissai before selection this weekend

The remaining koi from our May 15 spawning are residing in the females tank at ambient temperatures. We are using all our heated growing on space for tosai, so these nissai have not benefited from the same growing on treatment as the previous year's spawning enjoyed. Add to that the challenging growing period we suffered in summer 2015 - when these koi were living the first few months of their lives, and this explains why size wise these nissai are a little down on the previous batch.

On the upside, we have more females coming through than the previous batch and that is a big boost.

I took these photos a few weeks ago, and so they are a little out of date. we're planning to through the whole tank tomorrow and make our selections - so hopefully some more footage soon.

some of the better ones...

i had high hopes for 'patch' below... but not sure the body is going to be symmetrical enough for what I need her for.

i think this could be my best prospect for this season -- probably a male, and I just need the 2nd dan to sure up a bit.

this 2 step is probably my best bet for the future. and, it's a female - so will be interesting to see this one develop.