Shooting Stars !

Byer Koi Farm’s ‘Shooting Stars’ event .

This will be of interest if you like fast growing metallic koi that have a great chance to grow really big!

Sounds interesting.. well it gives me great pleasure to take you through this event at Byer Koi Farm.

Our guilty pleasure at Byer Koi Farm this year has been breeding Mukashi Ogons.

They have produced a lovely range of bright and shiny metallic ogons and also non-metallic kawarigoi.

A small proportion of the koi coming through from that spawning are showing perfect traits for koi that will grow to jumbo sizes. That means the potential to grow to 80cm +

We are making those very special koi available to our customers, as part of a new event for us here at Byer Koi Farm… our first growing competition that we’re calling ‘Shooting Stars’!

The idea is simple. You get to pick from some of the best koi from our Mukashi Ogon spawning this year. You take the koi home and grow them as large as you can! Prizes are awarded to the people who grow them the largest.

The main focus for the competition will be how large you can grow the koi over the next year, but the competition will extend into the subsequent years too. Because, we want to know how big you can grow these koi and there will be prizes for the entrants who do that best!

We will award a bottle of champagne as the prize for each of the following achievements:

Largest koi at the end of winter (31st March 2019)
Largest koi at the end of summer (30th August 2019)
First person to achieve 60cm
First person to achieve 80cm


So, the next question you’ll be asking yourself is.. how do we enter the competition and get hold of some of these ‘Shooting Stars’ koi. And, how much are they.

To enter the competition, you need to register your interest with us. Contact Amanda on 07801 235952 / or contact us on Facebook. When registering, we will need your:
- name;
- contact phone number;
- email address; and
- could you also let us know how many koi you intend to buy - this will help us plan the event; and
- koi club, if you are a member of one (with this info, we'll be able to see which club's members are growing their koi on better than the others... and a little club rivalry may be generated :-) )

We will host a koi picking event here at Byer Koi Farm on the morning of Saturday 27th October. We are based very close to Bovingdon, HP3. Address and event details will be emailed out to entrants.

You can either:

- Attend in person; or
- If you would like to take part but cannot attend in person – you can pre book your koi, and either nominate someone to pick for you or ask us and we would be happy to pick for you at the picking event.

Pricing & Payment

Entry prices are:

1 koi for £25
2 koi for £45
3 koi for £60

Payment as follows:

If you’re attending the picking event, then payment can be made via card or cash on the picking day. Or you can pre-order, using the online shop items at the bottom of this page.

If you can’t attend on the day, they you can order online in advance. Please see the orderable items at the bottom of this page and simply click on the appropriate item, add to the cart and check out online. Delivery of £25 will be added on checkout.

Koi are subject to availability, and entry will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Priority will be given to pre-paid entries.

If you've pre-ordered and subsequently change your mind, then up to the point where your koi is picked or dispatched via courier, a full refund is available .

What does the entry give you

It gives you access to some of the best koi we have coming through from our Mukashi Ogon spawning this year. The level of koi that we wouldn’t usually sell until the spring….

As I write this note in September ’18, these koi are being grown on at the farm. We expect them to be around 6 inches long by the picking event. But, please work on the basis that that will be between 5 inches and 6 inches long at picking.

If you want more than 3 koi, these will be charged at £20 each and also subject to availability.

Picking your ‘Shooting Stars’ koi

Picking will be done at the picking event, for the entrants attending and also those that cannot attend.

The batch of koi available for picking from will be placed in a large vat to allow entrants to view on the picking day. There will be some time at the start of the event for entrants attending to view the koi, and then we will move onto the picking activity.

Entrant names will be drawn from a hat, and once called.. that entrant will pick their koi – up to 3 koi. We will time limit the picking to 2 mins. Then, the next entrant’s name will be drawn and that person takes their turn to pick their koi; and so on. For entrants not attending, we will do the picking for you – or you can nominate someone to pick for you if you prefer.

If you’d like more than 3 koi, then these additional koi will form another picking ‘go’. Second goes will be placed into a second hat, which we will draw from after completing all the picking from the first hat.

So, lets say you’d like 5 koi; you will have one entry in the first hat, and also one entry in the second hat.. When your name is called from the first hat, you’ll pick your first 3 koi. Then, when your name gets drawn for the second time from the second hat, you will pick the additional 2 koi. We’ll work through the entries like this to give everyone a fair pick.

If you’ve pre ordered and are having the koi delivered; we’ll do the picking for you, put the fish to one side and acclimatise them to ambient temperatures before shipping. Shipping will be 1 to 2 weeks after the picking event.


We will contact you near the measurement milestone dates, and to be eligible for one of the prizes, you will need to measure your koi (in cm’s please) and relay the measurement to us. Measurements are in the standard koi show format, ie from nose to the end of the tail. Plus, we’d love a pic or short video of the koi at the time of measurement too so we can see how they’re coming along; this isn’t essential, but it would be great if at all possible.

Order your 'Shooting Stars' koi here:

Delivery of £25 will be added at checkout. If you're collecting, then use discount code 'Collection' to nullify the delivery charge.