Shiro fry, ready for the fry pond

Much greater success with the shiro spawning and fry compared to the kohaku spawning. With the kohaku, the big decision was whether I had enough fry to make it worthwhile using a fry pond on them. With the shiro's it's different. They are abundant - perhaps 10 or 20 times as many as the kohaku. And a reasonable proportion are black - perhaps 50%. The white ones could be selected out at this stage, but I'm out of time, so something I'll think about next year as a process improvement.

I estimate there are 40,000 to 60,000 shiro hatchlings.

you see the black center; that's what I'm after and about 50% are like that. I am surprised at how different some of the fry are. For example, some have a heavier black then the others. And some are colourless

And here is a selection; shows a good proportion have black centers

most of these have a black colour in the center of the fish; the non-black ones are colourless and more difficult to picture
I'll be putting the shiro's out into "Horseshoe" fry pond tomorrow. The syphon was effective last time so I'll repeat the process.

I've seen some of the kohaku fry in Chestnut pond and they are a little bigger having spend a week in that pond. there are lots of other things roaming around, like red coloured worms a leech like things. I'm going to pull a few out when I get chance, do a little research and find out what's living in my pond.