Shiro babies!

Loads of shiro hatchlings spotted this morning :-) As good as I've achieved to date - and judging by eye, probably the best result I've had to this stage in the cycle. Just hope there are a good proportion of black ones... Kuroku planned in for Monday.

Click - video link

Put a few hatchlings in a bowl today and counted 9 black ones out of a total sample of 26. So just over 30% black - which are the utsuri's. The rest are not - and time permitting - we're planning a kuroku, which is a selection on the new hatchlings where we will select out all the hatchlings that are not black.

And here's the kuroku machine I've put together this evenining.

one line on the test machine, will be replaced by lots of lines when it goes live on Monday.

Thank you to David Baker for the kuroku machine design tips. I sourced the closest match possible from local establishments this afternoon and pieced it together this evening. Mk1 didnt have the T piece and the vacuum motor was under too much strain; Mk2 is shown in the pics and has the T piece which releases the strain but still draws sufficient sucking power from the kuroku nozzles. Perfect use for the few spare pieces I had knocking around