Shades of green

The sanke spawning didnt work out, and I don't think the female has egged up which explains it! Should have checked first really. I got some advice from Mark Davis on how to feel for the eggs on the female's abdomen and that goes on the list of new skills learned.

I have another female kohaku that I believe does have eggs, and I'll give the male sanke's another month or so back in the main pond before trying them again but with this female.

The future of the female that didnt egg up as a brood fish for me is in doubt; she is a super fish and came runner up in the Kangei Garden Show last year but she's no use on my project without eggs. So, I'll try her again later this summer and then decide whether to move her on or to give her another year.

The fry ponds are cycling through shades of green as the algae changes and pond critters develop. A few days ago they looked like this:

horseshoe pond has gone green!
chestnut pond went green initially, and at one point most of the surface was covered by the green bubbly stuff

and now there's little green bubbly stuff on the surface of chestnut pond and the water has cleared up a lot. This is the pond I'll introduce the fry into this weekend

All being well, I'll be putting the kohaku fry spawned last weekend out into chestnut fry pond this weekend.