Selections weekend - day 2

Written on Monday 17th July:

Another long day on the Sunday, this time joined by my eldest daughter and she picked it up much more quickly than I expected . She's a great help. At the end of the weekend - we have completed around half the job. The rest will have to wait until next weekend.

24 hours after spawning, I reviewed the spawning ropes and it looks like some of the eggs are fertilised. Perhaps 50%. Difficult to estimate the proportions because the fertilisation in some areas is very high, and in others, much lower.

The number of eggs is enough for us, but much less than this female usually delivers. And that can be explained simply by the short period since she last spawned. Frankly, I'm over the moon that we've managed to spawn her for a second time in the season and got a reasonable number of eggs from her.

This evening, I've moved some of the eggs into a separate tanks - to spread our risk.

Now, we just have to keep our fingers crossed the eggs develop well, and that we have a good hatch.

The top fry pond is filling, and the bottom one still needs to be emptied fully after the harvest a couple of weeks ago. Time is in high demand currently, but availability is the same as normal. So, prioritisation calls are become increasingly challenging.