Selections, and a club visit

We’ve started preparing for our jumbo tosai release on 18th May , with a weekend of selections 🙂. Also joined on Sunday for a visit by Northants koi club.

The jumbo tosai are looking .... JUMBO !!

We completed selections of the Sharkey tosai, and also the Mukashi Ogons last weekend, and I've kept around 25 kohaku to grow on to nisai, and around 40 of the Ogons, with the odd chagoi and we even have one cha unsuri!

Northants koi club visited us last Sunday and we showed them around our new facilities
I'll provide a more comprehensive update on the selections when I get a chance...

Lots more keeping us busy here this week and next. We're preparing for spawnings with the spawning tanks and also the fry ponds. The gales last weekend has set us back at least one week, and added another day or two of work to our preparations unfortunately.

We also have the All England's, Young Koi Show in 2 weeks time - our first visit to a show as a dealer.. and this is very exciting and we are just finishing the planning for that and preparing stock to put out for sale.