Second selection of Sharkey 2018

The last couple of months has felt like a never-ending merry go round of spawning, harvesting, selection and tank building. We are finally getting somewhere, and we're focussing on second selection of Sharkey's 2018 spawning this weekend. It's something I've been looking forward to for a while. And, sitting here on the Sunday morning of this weekend, having completed half the selection yesterday.... Sharkey is fighting back hard for the no.1 female position at Byer Koi Farm!

Here are the best few after completing half of second selection yesterday. It gives me great joy to see that we have at least a few koi at this level coming through.

I'm overdue a thought piece about the expansion, and also updating you about everything else that's going on too. A few quick pictures to highlight what's going on:

First selection of the Lava Rosa 2018 spawning.

Trudy babies doing well in the fry pond. This is the 3rd use of our top fry pond this year which would be a new record for the number of times we're able to use the pond in a season... Just need a few more warmish weeks and we'll be at first selection size

Also, harvesting...

And, tank building. Craig Emery has been doing this work for me, and I'll collect all the expansion photo's together later in the year and show you how we're transforming our site. The complexity for me is.. prioritising the tank builds around the flow of fish from our breeding programme. Which fish go in which tank in which weeks / months as we're developing the infrastructure and as I try to produce as many fish as our expanded infrastructure will be able to take... even through it's not all in place yet.. has taken some planning, I can tell you! Anyway, we're getting there, and in around a month's time - half of the new polytunnel will be decked out with one new 20kl growing on pond, and also another bank of tosai growing on tanks too. Then, we'll start of the other half of the polytunnel.