Review of the Jul 14 Kohaku spawning

Seine netted the grow on pond today and reviewed how the kohaku's from the Jul 14 spawning are progressing.

Scores on the doors. Largest one is 25cm. Happy with that, considering their spawning date - and it stood 1 inch clear of the rest, with most of the larger ones between 18cm and 22cm. The smallest ones are just 15cm.

Lets do this in pictures:

One of the better ones.

I expect the red in the pec to recede; lodging this photo as a reference point to compare against in a few months

One of the better ones from this spawning

I'm going to keep an eye on this one - I know the white stop before the tail is longer than one might hope for, but I like the pattern. As it gets bigger, I'm interested to see whether the white at the tail becomes more or less of a problem

Small, but pretty!

I've very happy pattern wise, when you consider I got this lot from just 2.6k fry!

There was no selection in today's review - just assessing what I've got.

Getting up close to some of these kohaku has been long overdue, and with today's review under my belt, I have my favorites and can start to track a few with recognisable patterns in the tank.