Red, white and blue.. 'go faster stripes' coming to Byer Koi Farm this spring. Shusui!

Finished off the mid winter selections last weekend - I can feel the new season fast approaching.

As well as Kohaku coming through from our award winning Sharkey line, we also have small koi mixes and tosai offerings for this spring that are looking fantastic. Before the turn of the year I presented to you an early view of the doitsu metallics we bred last year. And in addition to those, we also have shusui making their appearance too. For those with very long memories, back into my hobbyist days... I had one fairly unsuccessful go at shusui . Must have been 2013 or 2014...

Well , last year's spawning of our shusui female seems to have struck onto a good pairing and the results are becoming easier to see now that the koi are up to a reasonable size.

Here's a sneaky peak:

More news soon. We refurbishing almost the entirety of the original polytunnel. Exciting times!