Pushing on with the build last night

No rain last night! Which made life a bit easier as I pushed on with the build inside the polytunnel.

I've planned where everything will go, and now its time to being the plan to life.. Last night I installed the drainage system and started installing filtration and insulation for the Oval 1 tank.

The waste pipe runs down one side of the polytunnel, laid with a slight decline so waste water flows to the far end, where it falls into an underground soil pipe then into the settlement pond. I've gone for this approach as opposed to installing a sump within the tunnel, because it's simple and quick to install. And it will be easy to fault find if there are any glitches. It did present me with one problem last night through, which is - how do you join together 4 lengths of 4m pipe single handed - keep them in a straight line, and raise the whole thing above the ground but on a slightly declining slope? The answer - lots of pushing and shoving, a mallet and several pieces of wood.

I pushed "T" piece fittings onto each 4m length before joining each length together
I used various objects to hold the lengths of pipe in a straight line, then a few gentle knocks with the mallet and hey presto.
I'll neaten this up when I have more time, but it's all set up and ready to go. I've used celotex off cuts to prop the waste pipe up and create the gentle slope down the pipe so waste water flows to the end of the tunnel, then underground into the settlement pond.

Here's the result at the end of last night.

I'm almost ready to start the pond turning over, which is exciting - just another night or two probably and I'll be there.