Preparing for the brood fish pond set up

The wet weather this winter held us up, but we've had a dry spell and next week my polytunnel is being erected.

The male and female brood fish tanks will go in there, and I will add a tosai growing on tank later this year too - which all being well will be for growing on the best of the fry.

I spent today moving all the fish from my main pond into a temporary holding tank, and dismantling said tank. The dis mantling is so dis heartening. It took me and some of my Kangei Koi Club friends days to set up! Next weekend I will go through the whole thing again in reverse, setting up the brood fish tank in the polytunnel and moving all the fish back into it.

Here are a few pictures from today - and before you look at them; it was very cold! with water temps around 2 degrees, so that's why I'm togged up and the marigold's protected my hands from the cold water... a bit.