Preparing for fry harvest

With spare time in really short supply over the next week or so, and with fry reaching harvestable size - we've been working out the plan for the next few weeks. when we can harvest, empty the ponds, run more spawnings and repopulate the ponds.

We worked out that harvesting needs to start as soon as possible, and instead of doing it all in one go like we usually do. we're going to do it in sections

the key thing is that we need to start the harvesting work. I reckon, each pond will take 3 or 4 sweeps with the net. and that's a lot of harvesting to fit in. this weekend, there's the National and I'm on the panel, and giving a talk. then, next week my evenings are taken up with work and travel.

so the plan is to get going this weekend in the limited time we have around the BKKS National show commitments, and make sure we've completely finished and empty both ponds by the end of the following weekend. then, leave the ponds for a few days to dry out - and simultaneously, run one or two more spawnings - then, fill the ponds and we're back onto another cycle.

We spent tonight gearing up so that we can start harvesting some of the fry tomorrow (Friday) night...

They key decision for tomorrow is which pond to harvest.

On the one hand, there's still so much food in the top pond, that I'd be happy to leave the fish in for a while longer. but, the food is running out in the bottom pond, and the fish in the top pond are harvestable size. some might even be pushing 2 inches.

So, we could harvest - or at least, partly harvest the top pond tomorrow (Friday) night. Then, consider moving some of the fish from the bottom pond into the top pond so they can benefit from the plentiful natural food source.

Even as I write that - perhaps a better idea would be to partly harvest the bottom pond - or partly harvest that pond as there's too little food in there. and the fish are a little on the small size, but large enough to harvest.

anyway, I'll work it out tomorrow night.

I took some pics of our exploits this evening - as we cleared a tank to be ready for the forthcoming koi fry.

a quick seine netting, and we moved a bunch of fish from the August 16 spawning out of the growing system. and these are fish that we now need to move on.

here's a few pictures from this evening.

After a day at work, it's a welcome contrast to be outside and getting stuck into fish jobs.

Our youngest daughter came out to help

she like the fish :-)

once netted, I moved them into another tank where they will stay while we sell them

My daughter wanted to help, so she caught up some of the fish with me and helped me move them in the sock to their new tank

And then Amanda helped her lift the sock into place before releasing the fish

In they go!

We did a little sorting of the fish while the light held up. This is a bowl of the smallest ones, which we moved on to another tank.

The cows from next door are out. lets hope they dont get too thirsty and eye up our fry ponds as drinking wells.