Open 10am-5pm for the next 4 days!

After a successful trial last weekend, we've decided to open up our doors to the public 10am->5pm every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday during April.

That's right - no need to book an appointment anymore! 🙌

Lots of customers taking advantage of the new approach!

A family visiting our koi shop and with a bag of new koi just purchased

Some new koi being taken home!

a young girl of around 11 years old choosing from a tank of small koi

Eve's been visiting us for years, picking through our wide range of small koi mixes very diligently!  She's already a pro!

Amanda serving customers in our koi shop

The new store opening hours are working well!

A family holding their new bag of koi in our koi shop

Some lovely value tosai selected for their annual pond addition :-)

father and daughter stood outside our koi shop holding a box of koi

Father and daughter, picking koi... and they brought the sun with them :-)

2 nisai koi in a koi bag

2 stunning nisai that would grace any pond !

a range of value tosai and small koi mix koi's in a koi bag

A wide range of value tosai selected from the website, plus a few choice koi from the 5-6 inch small koi mixes.  Demonstrates very well the joy that can be had with koi supplied by us and bred here in the UK.

Why not come visit us this weekend and get a closer look at our stunning koi collection, just like the beautiful bowl of nisai doitsu karashigoi in our video!

Bred using Omosako koi , our Kujaku and Shiro Utsuri have great heritage and their own style !  Here's a reel showing a range of our nisai:

a bowl of white and black shiro utsuri koi and metallic red and white kujaku koi

We have our wide range of koi, and also all the pond maintenance essentials you need. 

We can't wait to see you!