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Value Tosai, Byer Koi Farm's new offering

Available from our individual koi for sale page, here:

Value Tosai - Koi For Sale

In this release, prices start from just £30.

Value Tosai is our answer to the current economic environment of rising prices.  Customer service is a top priority at Byer Koi Farm, and we have decided to do even more for our customers by providing a range of individually listed koi for sale, at cheaper prices.  We can do this because our production doubled last year, and we now have enough stock to be able to run an online sales channel.  The Value Tosai sit in between our small koi mixes range, and our jumbo tosai range in terms of size, quality and price.

For our customers, this means a great selection of affordable, genuine tosai.

This release contains showas from our LMC and MGS lines.  Also Shiro Utsuri from our Omosako based line.  And a few koi from other varieties to offer some choice.

The koi in the featured image are from our MGS showa line, and start from just £45.

Here are a small selection of the other koi in this release: