Online Drop Tomorrow Night at 8pm: Your First Look at £35 koi, £50 koi and £75 koi

This week's online koi release is scheduled for 8pm tomorrow night (Sunday 10th March), and is the first release of tosai from our 2023 Ai Goromo spawning.  Some of those koi look very much like Kohaku at this young age, and some already have the start of robing appearing.  The breeder we purchased the female from in Japan last February thought we'd get a 50/50 split between Ai Goromo and Budo Goromo. At this very early stage we cannot predict which type each koi will be!  So, these koi will be perfect for keepers who love to see koi development.

What I can also say about the Ai Goromo spawning is that overall, the quality of the beni and shiroji across the spawning is really good.  Each koi is unique of course, but certainly there are some examples in this release with very high quality beni.

We also have some Hikari Utsuri from the Kin Showa spawning, including Kin Showa, Gin Shiro and Kin Ki Utsuri.

There are 3 price points; 35, £50, and £75.

All the koi in the £50 and £75 releases are tosai.  And in the £35 release we have a mix of tosai and nisai.

Koi can be purchased from the website, and will be available from 8pm on Sunday evening here:

The link sorts the newest koi at the top, for your convenience.

We're still operating the winter holding offer, which means any individual koi purchased can be left with us until the weather warms up if that is preferred.

Here are the video previews of Sunday night's release koi: