One of the kohaku's from the May 2014 spawning

Happy new year!

I hope you and your koi have a great 2015.

My year started by taking a few scrapes on New Year's day, and it was an opportunity to take a few pics and video of one or two kohaku that stood out. And here's one of them.

This kohaku measured in at 33cm - and remains one of the largest few. The difference between the sizes and shapes of the May 2014 bred kohaku's has become much more noticeable now - which is helping me estimate their developing trajectories.

And some video footage:

I'm off work this week - and taking the opportunity to catch up on a few koi related things. Popped to Yume Koi yesterday with Amanda to view 4 new males that I've purchased; 2 x kohaku's from Takigawa, and 2 shiro's from Omosako. And that's the end of my males' purchasing for the forseable future. I now have options across kohaku, shiro and showa - meaning that I have reserves should a male not be on form at the right time, and also gives me options in the pairings and therefore the genetic matches I make up,

My plans for the rest of the week include more scrapes, and also netting the July 14 bred kohaku's and going through them to get a better idea of where I am with that spawning.