one of the best few from 3rd selection

this one was certainly one of the best few. and I'm fascinated in how it's going to develop,

it was 12cm last weekend, and here is was just a few weeks ago - when I profiiled it on my blog at around 5cm length. It was one of the smaller keepers at second selection. It's still not the biggest, but it has caught up a bit on the growth stakes,

and the picture from 19th July:

With my club's annual Garden Show in early September, I have my first chance to exibit my kohaku babies in a koi show! The smallest size you can enter a koi into the show is 15cm - so just need a few more cm's growth over the next 3 weeks and I hope to enter at least one kohaku and one tancho into the show.

With ambiant temps starting to level off, and drop. the polytunnel is keeping the tank just above 20 degrees and I'm supplementing that with some additional heat to maximise growing temperatures.