Nisai release tomorrow (9th September 2023)

It's that wonderful time of the season , a once a year event, where we release our nisai.  These are the best koi we've been growing for 2 summers - born Summer 2022. This year, we have a wide range of varieties including:

Kohaku, Doitsu Ochiba, Mukashi Ogon (Opaline line), Asagi, Aka Matsuba, Chagoi, and others too.

You can download the full catalogue, which shows the new koi for sale , their size and price, here:

A sample of the range of koi coming on sale:

3 doitsu ochibas bred by Adam Byer Koi Farm

3 doitsu kawarigoi bred by Adam Byer Koi Farm

3 very high quality Asagi bred by Adam Byer Koi Farm

3 very bright mukashi ogons bred by Adam Byer Koi Farm

3 chagoi of different colours of brown bred by Adam Byer Koi Farm

All these are available, plus over 200 new koi... from Saturday 9th September.

The majority of the harvest is made up from Doitsu Ochiba's (over 50 being released), and Kohaku in similar numbers.

Please visit us to view the range, either:

On Saturday, via appointment - contact us to book in.

On Sunday...  it's an open day!  Visit between 10-5... just turn up :-)

W/c 11th September - online, on our koi for sale page, here: