Nisai release scheduled for 9th September - Book in now!

We are pleased to announce our nisai release this year will be on Saturday 9th September at Byer Koi Farm, by appointment.

We will also be releasing a small tranche of sansai, which includes some Oakly Chagoi, and Doitsu Ochiba;s with the linear style of pattern.

We are now taking appointments; these will be on the hour, every hour on Saturday 9th September.

Please contact us to book in:

Appointments tend to go very fast, so if you are interested, please do contact us at the earliest opportunity to avoid disappointment.

Around 300 koi will be released, and this will be our complete nisai release for 2023 and provides our customers with the full choice from our nisai harvest at the earliest time, in September! Leaving plenty of time to bed the koi into their new homes before the autumn and winter.

Sizes will range from around 30cm and upwards. The majority of nisai will be in the £195 -> £295 range. Some of the nisai, and the Sansai will be priced above this. In the next 2 weeks we will be releasing a range of smaller nisai at sub £145 prices – watch out for email/social media updates on those smaller releases , with the koi being made available on the website and in our koi shop.

Back to the main nisai release… and the Doitsu Ochiba’s are sure to be one of the most popular varieties being released. They’ve been getting a lot of attention from customers, and these form a key tranche of this Nisai release. Fantastic patterns. Many unique koi in this batch will offer something different for your pond! The colours are outstanding too, with a plum coloured pattern over the grey base on these doitsu fish help them stand out.

We have a good batch of Kohaku nisai for you too, from our Rosie line and also the new Sakai line too.

We’ll also have fast growers from Chagoi and Mukashi Ogon lines. We have a small contingent of Oakly chagoi becoming available too.

Other varieties include Shusui, Lemon Hariwake, Aka Matsuba, Asagi, Doitsu Kogane Ochiba, Kosui, Doitsu Yamabuki, Ki Kikokuryu, Kikokuryu, Kumonryu, Soragoi, Doitsu Soragoi and a few others in small numbers.

There are also some highly unique koi, which are in small numbers and we suspect in high demand.

Please see this promotional video of the nisai being released: