Nisai release scheduled for 10th and 11th September

We are pleased to announce our nisai release this year will be on the weekend of 10th / 11th September at Byer Koi Farm, by appointment.

We are now taking appointments; these will be on the hour, every hour through both days.

Please contact us to book in:

Appointments tend to go very fast, so if you are interested, please do contact us at the earliest opportunity to avoid disappointment.

On Monday 12th September, the koi will go online and be available for purchase on our individual koi for sale page on the website, here:

Over 200 nisai koi will be released, and this will be our complete nisai release for 2022.  In the past, we've split the release with some being released in December.  This year we've decided to release all of the nisai in the September release.

This provides our customers with the full choice from our nisai harvest at the earliest time, in September!  Leaving plenty of time to bed the koi into their new homes before the autumn and winter.

Sizes will range from smaller nisai in the mid 20's cm, up to the extremely fast growers from our Oakly Chagoi line and also the Asagi line that will be around 50cm, and some may be well beyond that too; and that's a just 15 months old.

In terms of varieties, there's an eclectic mix for you.  Including the Showa and Kohaku that we're well known for.  And, also the Oakly Chagoi and the Asagi which have been catching many peoples' attention.

We also have the doitsu kawari range which includes the BKF style doitsu ocbiba's that again, we've had a lot of positive feedback about.  Also, Shiro Utsuri from our new Omosako line, plus Kujaku too and the various other scaled metallic output like Matsuba's and Sakura Ogons.

There are some really unique koi, which are in small numbers and we suspect in high demand.  Including an Aragoke, Ko Sui, and some yellow and white koi that we are not sure of the correct variety name; in the absence of that, we'll go with Doitsu Kawari (BKF Style Ki Sui).

Please see this promotional video of the nisai being released:

We look forward to sharing more footage of the nisai as we progress through the harvest.