New stock coming soon, in May 22

Spawning season is about to commence!  Traditionally we begin on the first May bank holiday, and weather permitting we will be starting around then or very soon after.

And more exciting news too, is that we have a new batch of tosai stock coming through to sell very soon in May 22.  This stock is from our Shiro Utsuri spawning off the Omosako parents, also a range of metallics off our Kujaku spawning, and as well as Kujaku that also includes Gin Matsuba and Kin Matsuba.  Also, Yamabuki Ogons, a few Platinum Ogons and more showa from our LMC line - the larger ones from the spawning.  Plus, some additional nisai Mukashi Ogons too.

In short, 100's of new tosai koi !  And, here's some recent footage of them:

Pricing is the same as our Jumbo Tosai release in early April, with two price points, £60 and £120.