New Showa from this summer's MGS spawning

With the popularity of our Showa lines growing, we've continued to spawn Showa again this year and the main spawning has been from our Ueno female that we call MGS.

Spawned 7 weeks ago, I completed first selection today and here's a sample of some of the most interesting including a couple of potential tancho showa's.

We're still at a very early stage, but already we can see this year's MGS Showa spawning is looking just as good as last year's.

And , speaking of last year's ... here's a recent video of them.  Amazing how they change in just 1 year; often, it's the sumi (black) colour that gets the attention , which is justified.  But check out the transformation in the shiroji (white) and the beni (red) colours too.  That's one of the best koi keeping aspects of Showa, and the sumi (black) on this line seems to be a slow developing sumi which suggests it will set firmer, like it's started to on some of these 15month old koi.

Harvest of the nisai is now imminent, and we will soon be announcing the release and sales dates.