New release online and in store - Over 100 x 12 month old koi - Tomorrow at 10am

We're pleased to announce a complete refresh of the koi for sale page on our website.

Tomorrow you'll be able to choose from over 100 new koi we are making available for sale.  These were spawned last summer and are around 12 months old currently.  A wide range of varieties including Kohaku, Showa, Doitsu Ochiba, Doitsu Metallic Ochiiba, Lemon Hariwake, Hariwake, Kikokuryu, Beni Kikokuryu, Ki Kikokuryu, Kosui, Kikusui, Doitsu Purachiba, Doitsu Yamabuki !  So, as you can see...  a very wide range

Prices start from just £45, with the majority in the 20-25cm range and at £65 with a few specials between £75 and £125 too.

A few of the new koi showing the range of varieties:

A range of koi varieties, in a collage.

Find these koi on our website, here:

Available on the website from 10am, Saturday 19th August.

Also available in store.  We are open 10-5pm as normal this weekend.