new Opaline line Mukashi Ogons

Selections continue through the week, and I have just one more tank to get through and scheduled for tomorrow so that we can take Christmas day off (well, mostly anyway).

I've been looking forwards to going through this year's Mukashi Ogons which come from our very large female that is also so special we've given her the name 'Opaline'; which best describes the hikari (metallic) shine which on her has a pearl / opal type of effect.  It's difficult to capture on photographs and basically is easiest to actually see in person.

When we spawn koi for the first time, we have no certainty over what is going to come from them.  And whether we will get any babies with the features we most want from using that brood set.

On this occasion, we have been able to capture that opal type of lustre that comes from the mum and whilst it's just a small proportion of the spawning that has this feature, we're now down to the best 100 or so out of 25,000 and our excitement for these babies is growing.

Not only have they picked up the trait from the mum, but they are also showing her superior body formation which has taken her to 96cm at the last measure up, and I dare say it won't be too long before we can confirm she has passed the treasured 100cm mark.

Now, photographing Mukashi Ogons is something I've never really mastered!  It's so difficult to get the shine and colour presenting on the media in a representative way.  These pictures just about do it, but these koi are best seen to be appreciated.

These best 100 or so from the spawning have been given protected precious heated growing space to maximise their potential over the next 3 months before harvest.  Around 2/3rd will be put forwards in the spring as jumbo tosai, with the remaining 1/3rd staying here on the farm for an additional summer and being harvested and released at nisai probably in September.

We also have a good range of these Mukashi Ogons in the small koi mix sizes too.

Here is some footage of the best 100:

A video montage of these tosai from lots of different angles!

And , still images: