New koi for sale - coming April

We have some great tosai options coming through for you this April!
See them on youtube here:
YouTube link: To keep up to speed with information about our tosai release, keep an eye on our social media, and website (here: ). If you haven't heard already.... our Showa/Shiro offering this year is the same size as the whole of our production last year, ie across all varieties.
So, we have plenty of Utsuri choice for you this April ! And on top of those, we also have Asagi, a wide range of Doitsu Kawari, Yamabuki, Kujaku, Matsuba's, Ogons, Chagoi. The list is long! We have started to collate the koi in preparation, and yesterday we went through a pond that we haven't looked at recently - it holds 1/3rd of the Showa spawning from our LMC Showa line, plus some Shiro Utsuri from a new line to Byer Koi Farm.