New Japanese Koi: Sekiguchi Showa Tosai And Jumbo Tosai

When talking about Showa breeders in Japan, Sekiguchi are in that top 3 along side Dianichi and Isa.  Several other breeders in the Niigata area now use Sekiguchi Showa's in their breeding lines, and as it happens, we are also following suit on that with the females we imported over the winter.  We have past experience breeding with Sekiguchi Showa on the male side of our own spawnings - the 'Hey Presto Showa' grow on event, used Showa tosai we bred from our LMC line; this used a very high quality Sekiguchi Showa on the male side. (For results of that competition - see the results on our blog, here: .  Unfortunately, we only got 1 spawning from him - so there's unfinished business there using Sekiguchi in our Showa breeding lines. More on that another time...

For today, the big news is our sourcing of Sekiguchi koi that we will sell.  We were given the chance to take 60 Sekiguchi tosai, selected for their high quality.  And we grabbed that chance!  We have 40 tosai in the 20-25cm range and 20 in the 28-30 range - making them genuine jumbo tosai.

These koi landed last week and have settled well in our quarantine system where they will spend much of the next 2 months settling in and going through the full suite of quarantine processes including double heat ramps.  Once complete, they will become available for sale.

We took some footage of the new koi straight out of their box after their journey from Niigata, Japan.  Bear in mind, this was a moment when the koi would not be looking their best.  They still make a huge impact, and we're glad to have them.

Here are some videos and pictures which gives you a sneaky peak on these awesome Showa's: