New females tank is running! And new jumbo Marudo line chagoi's harvested..

For the second day in a row, I've been up through the night trying to spawn some females. And I've struck out on both nights. True, I'm pushing it trying to spawn them for the second time in the season, but we have such a back loaded season that needs must. Tonight - I've left them to it with a natural spawning.

So starting the day totally knackered, Tony joined at 4am for the spawning attempt and then we got stuck into plumbing the new females tank which we had running by the middle of the day. Then we moved onto harvesting fry pond 5.. which has our sample of Shusui and also the jumbo Marudo line chagoi's - which look appropriately imposing and.... BIG ! A great reward for a very productive day :-)

Next up is fry pond 2 which needs harvesting - possibly tomorrow. That has the Sharkey kohaku's, plus our Ogon spawning.

PS. Trudy hatchlings are coming along well, which is very exciting.