My size 2 tancho won a competitive prize at the EoE show :-)

A quick update on the show last weekend, and I achieved a competitive placing at the EoE show with my size 2 tancho :-)

The kohakus drew lots of lovely comments from people I saw at the show which was great to hear. Competition was really tough in the size 2 and 3 classes... And they didn't place unfortunately. But the comments from people made the weekend for me - I took a large batch of the tosai to show off what I've been up to and give people who've seen pics of my home bred's on my blog or FB site a chance to see them in a vat.

Got home after the show to find the drum on my females tank blocked plus a shoal of fry mysteriously appeared in my waste water pond - little root cause analysis and I think the only place they could have come from is my keepers vat! Gut wrenching. I literally feel sick right now. Sorted out the drum blockage and put all my show fish in with the females and treated with MG & F as a precautionary post show treatment. My new brood fish did quite well at the show coming 2nd in size 7 kohkau. She's a stunner and can't wait to get her spawning. I've a very busy week again next week so just going to have to keep things on an even keel then carve out some time next weekend to sort out the escaped keepers. Oh - and I also had a successful shiro spawning on Sunday morning and placed the eggs straight outside but protected in one of my new cage nets. I took pics and video of my vat at the show, and you can see the video here:

video link