my kohaku babies are at the All England Show this weekend :-)

Big day today, and I gave my kohaku babies their first run out at an open koi show. The ways these things work is that each exhibitor receives a vat allocation, and you put all the fish you want to exhibit into that vat.

My vat is number 27

The vats are arranged in a snake fashion through the exhibition hall

I started this morning - Amanda and I seine netted the keeper pond and put all the fish into a cage net, Then we pulled out the best 15 or so, and picked some to take to the show. I was aiming for 6, but ended up taking 9 - that's 1 tancho, and 8 kohaku.

Sizes wise - the babies have been growing! Largest was 21cm, and smallest 17cm. The koi I entered into the Kangei Garden show have put on 2cm in the last 3 weeks.

Here are a few pictures of the kohaku that Amanda and I selection from to take to the show:

And finally, a here's the picture of the some of the fish in their vat at the show ground:

The two larger fish are males, that I hope will be in good shape for the breeding season next year!
I'll share some of the other pics from today, in my next blog post.

And if you fancy a day out this weekend - the show ground is looking good, and it's worth a visit.

Click here - for details about the All England Koi Show