Monthly summary for May. Fry production tracking to plan.

We are tracking to plan with the koi fry production. We have a waiting list for those interested in purchasing koi fry, which you can access here Byer Koi Farm 2021 Fry Waiting List Form, or from our fry sales page here:

For our latest monthly vblog update for May '21.. please see below.

After a busy month of spawnings, we're tracking to plan with harvests due to start in the second half of June. As well as the obvious Kohaku aspects (we've gone for Rosie in round 1), some very exciting developments with Showa where we have LMC plus 2 other lines. One with a Momotaro female we trialled successfully last year and another Ueno female. With a small spawning of Shiro Utsuri as well, we are excited to see the output from our Utsuri's this year. For more info on our fry offering, please see