Merry Christmas!


Have a wonderful time over the festivities, and our best wishes for a
healthy and happy New Year.

We look forward to seeing you in 2023!

Today, we have managed to take some time off to be with the family...  But did give the koi we have growing on some of their own Christmas dinner!  Just the best food for them on Christmas day :-) (

Here's a video montage around the tanks, and shows the range of varieties we have coming through for next year:

And, a few stills from the other selections this week... namely our Rosie line Kohaku's.  We ran two separate Kohaku lines in 2022.  One based around a Sakai female that is an off spring of the famous S Legend Kohaku, and this one below which is off our female we call Rosie, that is from Takigawa and the well known Arimoto line; and already has a great record with us the last time we had a good batch from her.

And, finally, a little sneaky peak.  Even though I've said many times we'd not take on Sanke; this awesome female become available for us at sansai, and well... we will have to give this one a run out in 2023.  She's from Momotaro , one of our favourite koi farms in Japan and also the place where our Kohaku female 'Sharkey' came from.  She's been with us for around 6 months, and hopefully next year she will produce a good batch of eggs and we will be able to start a new line with this female sanke.