Mega hatch from Opaline

I spent a good proportion of today clearing strand algae from the fry pond we plan to introduce the hatchlings from Opaline into.  And, seeing the hatch from Opaline this morning, it looks like a job worth doing!

The hatch is mega.  Which means we will have a lot more hatchlings that we need on this one, and these will become available as 2-3 week old fry in due course.

Opaline is our 96cm 8yo female Mukashi Ogon, and you can see details about her on the last blog post here:

 Lots of newly hatched baby koi fry clinging onto the side of the cage net

At this very early stage in a koi's juvenile life, the hatchlings cling onto the side of the pond, or in our case, the cage net.  In another few days they will be fully developed koi fry, albeit, very small. It's at that point they become free swimming and we introduce them into the fry pond so they can feed on rotifers.

Our other big jobs today, were jet washing our spawning gear to be ready for the next tranche of spawnings which are due next week.  Utsuri's are next on the list and we'll update you on progress with those soon.

Next weekend we have the Koi Diaries Grow and Show 2022.  I'll share the full details on that event in my next blog.