Mark Gardner's visit and video blog

Mark Gardner has cast his gaze on our koi breeding operation a few times, the most recent being mid Summer this year when he landed in the UK after spending a couple of months at Purdin Koi Farm in the USA. He called me saying he was having koi withdrawal symptoms and wondered whether there was anything interesting going on at our place that weekend.

We always have lots going on ... and he came over and observed us starting this year's spawning with 'sharkey', and also helped with first selection on the 1 inchers from our 3 step takigawa female spawning.

Previously shared on my FB site, here's his video blog from the visit.

We always feel a bit special when Mark drops in... you just have to see where he's been prior to visiting us, and where he's going afterwards. Purdin koi Farm before hand, and then he did the rounds in Niigata visiting some of the most famous koi farm's autumn harvests - Isa, Nogami, Yagengi, Shintaro and so on. And, is now back in the USA taking in the Purdin harvest.

His Youtube channel is a great one to subscribe to, and the Niigata autumn harvest videos showed lots of dream koi emerging from the mud ponds. I recommend catching up on those if you missed them.

If you haven't seen them, and are reading my blog because you like kohaku... then, I'd recommend the two Nogami harvest videos. Nogami is a specialist Kohaku breeder, and is a major inspiration for my own koi breeding.

First part here -
See the second part here -

This first part is filmed at the mud pond, in the second part, Mark goes back to the Koi house to see the Koi unloaded and view them in more detail.