Males tank is go!

Some better news this week. On the males tank, I re sealed where the bottom drain meets the soil pipe, filled the tank up and left it standing for a week to see if the water level stayed the same. And it did. What a relief.

Finally holding water, the males tank.

This weekend I've set the filtration up, installed the pump and UV and turned the whole thing on. So right now the pond is circulating and it's almost ready for koi.
Filtration - bottom drain to diy easy, followed by a barrel of agitated K1 then a barrel of crystal bio. Clearing up still required!

About an hour after turning it on I lost power to the whole polytunnel. I spent around an hour fault finding, by turning everything off then turning each appliance on one at a time until the circuit shorted again and found the naughty piece of equipment was...... the UV on the males tank. I don't have a spare so left the tank circulating without UV and the water's already green but I'm not too worried about that in the short term.

The Fluke M worked and there's no sign of the blighters now. But one or two fish not looking their normal active selves so more scrapes this evening revealed costia! I treat that with salt, and hopefully they will be gone in a week.

Other than that, the water quality is improving as the filter media fully mature and I have some improvements to the return flow to make, but these are low priority right now. Water temperatures has been between 20 and 25 degrees.

The pond liner has been delivered and over the next two weeks I want to split the males and females, and start filling the fry ponds. I am still targeting the end of May for the first spawning.