Limited-Time Offer of Mega Bundle Deals & Free Shipping Deal: Plus Japanese Tosai Online Koi Release

This week we are presenting a huge offer !! 

In summary, we have:

1) 20% off existing £50 Japanese Tosai - They're now £40

2) Online release at 8pm tonight of 38 new £50 Japanese Tosai - also with 20% off - They're available at £40.  Preview video and pictures below.

3) Limited time offer until the end of this weekend: Bundle deals for Japanese Tosai... making them even cheaper!  Buy 3 get 1 free 

4) Limited time offer until the end of this weekend: Free delivery on orders of individual koi, where the koi sum up to £200 or over.

Wow... that's a lot of offers and discounts for you !

Now, in more detail.....   


1) & 2)  Deals on Japanese Tosai From Marudo and Shinoda:

All existing £50 individually listed Japanese Tosai - now £40

38 New Japanese Tosai, which would usually be £50 - now £40.

These will be released online at 8pm tonight (Friday 7th June),  You can view all the new koi on our individual premium koi for sale page, here:

The link sorts the newest koi at the top, for your convenience.

To view all the Japanese Tosai which have been discounted from £50 to £40, use this link:

Discounted Japanese Tosai

Before 8pm, you'll see the koi already listed.  And from 8pm onwards, the 38 new koi will be visible too.  At the end of this blog, we have a preview of all the new koi being listed.

31 of the 38 Japanese Tosai being released online this evening are Hi Utsuri from world famous breeder, Shinoda.  His pond of 1m Hi Utsuri at their facility in Niigata is a wonder, and demonstrates the quality in their breeding lines.  We were there on our 2023 buying trip to Japan, and you can see the famous pond on our blog, here:

3) Limited Time Bundle Deal

On top of the discounts on individual koi, we are also offering bundle deals on those same Japanese Tosai for a limited time:

This bundle deal is time limited - it ends at the end of this weekend, ie at the end of Sunday 9th June.

This bundle deal applies to all the £50 Japanese Koi that are discounted to £40.

⭐ Buy 3 get 1 free  ⭐

So, if you take 4 of these koi, you only pay £120.  That's just £30 each.

If you do the bundle deal... you'd be buying 4 Japanese Tosai , that you can pick individually, that were originally £50, and you'd be buying them for just £30 each!

To apply the deal - use discount code '  Special Deal  ', in the discount code box at checkout.

If you'd like to order over 4 of these Japanese Tosai, we will extend that £10 per koi discount to the additional koi too.  So for example, if you wanted 5 koi, the total will be £150.

The discount code is set to expire at 23:59 on Sunday night.

4) Limited time offer: Free delivery on individual premium koi

This deal is time limited - it's available from now (Fri 7th June '24) and ends at the end of this weekend, ie at the end of Sunday 9th June.

The eligible koi are all individually listed premium koi: (, except the koi in the bundle deals above (ie, the Japanese Tosai from Marudo and Shinoda).

Spend £200 or more this weekend online on the eligible koi, and receive a discount of £29.95 which equates to free delivery.

Use the following discount code : '  Free Delivery   '.

The discount code is set to expire at 23:59 on Sunday night.

Previews of the new koi going online tonight

Video of the Shinoda Hi Utsuri:

Video of the Marudo Sanke:

See blow for individual pictures of the 38 new Japanese Tosai, including 31 Hi Utsuri from the world famous breeder specialising in that variety... Shinoda!  Plus 7 Sanke from Marudo.