Kujaku eggs dissapointment. Plus, some footage of the kohaku's

I looked at the Kujaku eggs this morning and I can't see one that has been fertilised. It's such a disappointment. The issue is either the male fertility, female fertility a combination of the two or I got something wrong with the water / conditions.

The eggs looked viable initially - very few dead ones. It may be a water quality issue - the male was not happy just after I introduced him into the spawning vat and tried to jump out twice. So, perhaps there was a problem with the water - but, they still spawned and I'm not sure whether that indicates the water was ok or whether it's a red herring. I did a large water change just after spawning, and that water may not have been properly de-chlorinated or some other aspect of the water change caused a problem.

I now have to decide what I do with the kujaku next year - do I buy another male to mix up the genetics, or ditch these two and look for new brood stock. Or just ditch kujaku's and focus my resources on my other brood fish.

Moving on though, I still have yamabuki and shusui females with eggs so will give those guys a go soon. I have another shiro utsuri female and examined her today for eggs. there may be some there, so I'm giving her a go with the shiro males from my earlier shiro spawning and lets see whether anything comes of it. If I get a decent hatch rate then I will give one of the fry ponds to the shiros and dedicate the other one to the yamabuki / shusui spawnings. Lets just hope I get more luck than with the kujakus.

The kohku fry are looking pretty good. I am happy with the results, especially considering I only had around 2k fry to select from - and it bodes well for next year when the female will have a fresh set of eggs and I'll have a better hatch rate than this year. So difficult to get pictures though, and here are a couple more following the pic i posted the other day.

Plus I took some video of them which you can see here:

Youtube vid of the kohaku fry

Keeping my fingers crossed on the shiro spawning...

Amanda and I re-lined "chestnut" pond tonight which has been on my mind for around a week; just been too busy recently to do the job. I have enough water stored in horseshoe pond to give chestnut pond a good start, so it I should be able to use it in around a week.