Koi growing on to nissai - part 2

Here's the second part of the result from the selections we made on the tank of 'shooter' tosai - the largest growers from the winter grow on. Again, listed by 2016 spawning - and these all come from just one spawning last year.

From June 16 spawning (these koi are just under 10 months old)

37cm. I've profiled this recently, and it's one of the better growers from the spawning. It has a long, thin shape which I've not seen before from my usual brood set. this june 16 spawning comprised my trusty 2 males but with a different female to normal. and I don't think it's a coincidence that I've struck on this new type of body shape following a brood female change. whether it's going to be a good long term prospect body wise, or not... time will tell. my gut feel, it that it's going to be a step forward in having koi that grow larger. but I'm not sure how it's going to help with my main project objective, which is around breeding koi than can win prizes at competitive koi shows.

36cm. I'm going to jump straight to the nub of the issue for me on this fish. pattern front half - it's ok. pattern back half - it doesn't know whether it wants to be separate neat red dan's or joined up. i'm finding it a bit messy. the red itself is thick . body shape suggests this might be a male. i'm not sure whether to be excited by this fish, or disappointed. i'm confident that by the end of the summer, I will know.

30cm. i've kept this one mainly because I like the pattern. nice white nose, balanced by white tail stop. and a white dorsal to boot - i get very, very few like that.

36.5cm. think this will be a good grower.

33.5cm. in my top few from this spawning - reasonable growth, better consistency in the red and white than most from the spawning. I personally love the style of this single hi plate pattern.
it must have struck me on the day, because despite the time constraints... I found a minute to take some video footage.

click - youtube link

38cm. the final one for this blog post, it this 'marmite' kohaku. it's drawn opposing views in the Byer household, but has been granted a place for growing on this summer. it's a good size, and the body has a strength to it. this is another one which needs this summer to reveal it's potential (to me.. at least).

A few more to profile, in probably just one more blog post.