Koi fry June 2022

Quick update for you this evening.  The warm weather this week has helped us catch up some of the lost time with the fry, and we now have our final 2 ponds fully dried out and filling ready for round 2 fry.

In parallel, we have been creating those round 2 fry!  So, you already know the Opaline hatch has been brilliant and we now have a pond laid to just Opaline too.

Here's a small batch of the hatchlings we put aside, and are now outside in their fry pond.

The final 2 ponds we plan to use for round 2 were intended to take utsuri.  We spawned 2 showa and 1 shiro utsuri this week.  And, the first showa spawning has delivered us no hatchlings.  The second should be hatching tomorrow but again the eggs are not looking good.  And, thankfully the shiro utsuri spawning has performed much better and they have hatched today and early signs are promising.

Fertilised shiro utsuri eggs, with the eyes of the hatchlings showing just before they hatch

Here are the eggs just a few hours before hatch; you can see the eye of the new koi hatchlings in the eggs.

Around the fry ponds...

We have one fry pond full of Rosie Kohaku hatchlings.  This was the first pond we laid with hatchlings and they have been held back by the cooler weeks in May and early June; they're growing nicely now though and the warm weather this week has helped to bring them on.  This video is taken of a small shoal of them in the shallows, as they were basking in the sun.

Finally, the shusui / doitsu ochiba hatchlings; these are in fry pond 6 which is performing extremely well.  These fry are on a great trajectory and have almost caught up with the Rosie fry despite being a week younger.


We saw a massive daphnia bloom starting in the fry pond today which is only going to help these fry even more.

We've started taking order for smaller quantities of the fry we can see doing well in the fry ponds.  If you're not already on the fry waiting list and are interested, we suggest singing up and you can find the form on our fry for sale page here: https://www.byerkoifarm.co.uk/collections/fry

Working the ponds in the fine weather is always a pleasure.  It's not always warm, sunny and dry in the UK.  So, we like to enjoy these days when we get them.

A warm sunny day at Adam Byer Koi Farm, looking over the fry ponds to blue sky and dramatic sun rays

Looking across a fry pond at Adam Byer Koi Farm, with the cow sheds in the background and foxglove flowers in the foreground.

Tomorrow  (Saturday), we are flat out with preparation for the Koi Dairies grow and show event on Sunday.  Plus, we do have some more spawnings to run soon too.  So much to do, and so little time!