Koi Fry In Production!

It's one of the most exciting times during the yearly koi farming cycle when we start to produce a new generation of koi at Byer Koi Farm.

We have started spawnings this month , and they will continue through May and we hope to begin harvests towards the end of June / early July.

The way we run production at Byer Koi Farm is to spawn in rounds. At each round of spawnings we are aiming to produce a mix of a few varieties. And these will become available as fry after harvest from our fry ponds around 6-8 weeks later.

The exact timings will depend on a range of factors, including what the good old British summer delivers us. Coming off a sunny but cold April, the next 4-6 weeks in particular will be crucial.

Further rounds of spawnings will continue in June and July, with corresponding harvests in July, August, September and even potentially as late as October.

We will adjust the mix of varieties through each of the spawning rounds until we have covered all the varieties scheduled for production this summer.

In 2021, our production schedule includes Kohaku, Showa, Shusui, Ogons, Chagoi, Benikikokuryu/Kikokuryu, Hariwake, Karashigoi. And we also have a few new varieties too which I will reserve announcing until we have completed successful spawnings.

We have a waiting list for those interested in purchasing koi fry, which you can access here Byer Koi Farm 2021 Fry Waiting List Form, or from our fry sales page here: https://www.byerkoifarm.co.uk/collections/fry.

For each spawning round, when we are closer to the harvests and have a better idea on the numbers we are likely to pull out, we will write out to the waiting list and explain which varieties form that mix and give you the chance to buy.

Here are 2 pictures taken earlier in May at around dawn on our spawning nights; they show us moving the sedated female koi into position before we manually strip the eggs. The females in these pictures will give you a clue as to what we are aiming for in in the round 1 mix. Please excuse how we look in these pictures… they’re taken at dawn, and we’ve been up for hours preceding that!