Koi club talks complete; next up... spawning season

I've visited two clubs over the last week, giving talks on my koi hobby and the breeding project. And in addition to the other two clubs I visited a month or so ago, that's 4 talks completed so far this year

Here's a pic of me starting the talk at Witham Valley Koi Society this week:

Thanks to Witham Valley for sharing this photo; and you can read their write up on their FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/WithamValleyKoiSociety/?fref=photo
It's an important part of my project to share what I learn, in the hope it will encourage others in the hobby to perhaps have a go at breeding koi.

And it's also great to meet other hobbyists from around the country and to hear about how they go about keeping koi.

Online forums, Facebook groups, YouTube and so on are fantastic for spreading information - but pale in comparison to the value gained from the real interactions possible through a club meeting.

If you live on the south coast, near Lincoln, near Peterborough or near Dunstable - I can personally recommend each of these 4 clubs that I visited recently:

Witham Valley Koi Club (near Lincoln)

Cambridgeshire Koi Club (near Peterborough, Cambridge)

Dorset Koi Keepers (Dorset, South Coast)

Kangei Koi Club (near Dunstable)

I have next week off work (hooray!), and plan to catch up with some koi tasks - like going through the tosai and nissai, and some other bits and bobs. More on that soon.